Beyond a Box

Holidays come and go
As do the gifts that come with the snow
Yet one will always remain
It is the one I wish everyone would gain

The gift that keeps on giving
The one that has saved souls from the beginning
The element that garners respect from millions
The sacrifice that cleansed the blood of all humans

That one gift is the only one I need
It is the gift of Christ who shed his blood for me
Still to this day many remain unsaved
Seeking gifts in other shaded areas of grey

Putting Santa Claus first worrying about receiving
When it truly is better to be the one giving
God gave us all the gift of eternity
And allowed us this one chance at living

The true gift of Christmas should never fade
We need it to arise and be given each and every day
This world can’t afford any more wasted presents
No money needed just a willingness to be pleasant
In the effort to give a gift that extends beyond comprehension

He wants us to give the gift of his word to others
In the form that he instilled in us to discover
The gift each person receives that makes them unique
In order to spread his gospel to all of those needing
Every ounce of his compassion to acquire true spirituality

We’ve accepted blessings throughout the years
Now it is our duty to deliver his message to more ears
In order for them to hear his calling
So they can journey on home when this world begins falling

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