Raw Dealings

Held under a microscope being analyzed
Despised by someone laying on the other side
I can’t contemplate why it must be this way
So I’m done wasting time and going about my day

There is always evil to rival good
No matter how educated or misunderstood
The fact remains there’s an image to segregate
Even though we’re supposedly the United States

Wait, what is that you say
United we stand in the grand plan
Yet, we allow such chaos even in our government

Multimedia thriving on the violence
Disregarding the good times with constant ignorance
If such is bliss, then why is it causing conflict
Leading to something we just don’t fix, but rather inflict

We’re all human and we’re all flawed
But we all want love, not to feel distraught
Why such a fuss where it isn’t needed
So many times situations are being escalated
When there’s no reason for a fight to even be created

Solutions being disregarded to prove points of mistake
Leading to actions that result in mass heartache
Parties getting involved that have no clue
Just deciding to spew whatever it is that they want to
Giving the sense of malice to further the coo

The notion of two wrongs don’t make a right
Seems to be quite an accurate insight
With constant negativity gleaming through the cracks
You can’t expect to ever get anything good to come back

Holding onto a grudge or a false hate
Won’t deliberate any pathway you may take
Stepping away today is not too late
To give up the antics that makes your conscious break

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  1. Nice!! Really makes you think 🙂

    • Moralz

       /  April 24, 2012

      Thank you so much for your time in reading and commenting back, it is very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Very nice blog, thanks for share this article with us


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