The sin in this world is unbearable
Much like a cancer, though it is curable
Many wonder how that can be
At the same time simply refusing to believe

No matter how you want to be perceived
Life is much better once you’ve been redeemed
Whether you take that literal or spiritual
It is correlated and as potent as a mineral

Many out there asking viable questions
Not truly wanting answers, but rather recognition
Because in their mind they’re always right
So any mention of Christ may cause a fight
Since pride tends to clash against any insight of the Light

How can one disregard hope and faith
When it is involved in their each and every day
Whether they believe or not it is still enacted
It’s a common trait instinctual in action

If life is all about power and control
Then why is it you can’t even regulate your own temple
By that I mean your body which operates automatically
Without you consciously taking initiative in directing

And without that temple you have no life
So to have that trust is a must, are you enticed?
When you sleep and are unresponsive
Is it not then you participate in this faith collective?

Faith is real and a trait many overlook
The hope of a tomorrow is also misunderstood
We’ve come to the point where many just expect
Until that day comes when ones humanity comes to an end

The concept of good and evil has always been present
Just the depth of it all doesn’t seem to get registrated
The mind and body are complexities in themselves
So to elaborate that this is all for nothing lacks intel

What I’m saying is look beyond the surface
Creation is real and still lives within today’s presence
Have you ever been labeled as a creative?
Inventions require creation, a vast objective
So why the delay in acknowledging the basics

Good/Evil, Moral/Sin, and Heaven/Hell
There are many signs amongst us as one can tell
Whether you choose to analyze and understand the depths
Depends on your own personal diligence to pursue intelligence

It just pains me to see people lost in ignorance
Allowing misconceptions to formulate their experience
We as the human race are obviously gifted
So on this day why not decide to get lifted
Accept the Love of God and Sacrifice of Christ for true enrichment

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