Abstinence is Easy

When reading the title you may consider it to be completely insane. However, there is validity to that statement no matter your relationship to the word. Even if you have engaged in the activity it relates to or are still awaiting to experience that aspect of life, the fact remains it is easier not to engage in that activity than what is being lead to believe in our society today. Constantly you see how much the media is trying to sell lustful thoughts and imagery of sex in order to push product, companies, or individuals. The fact remains even though it seems to be an overwhelming topic and is constantly put in front of the eyes of citizens these days it is only one of a million activities that can actually be participated in. When you talk about engaging in intimate relations with another individual it is my personal belief that it should only be encountered between a husband and his wife or a wife and her husband. Whichever way you view it there shouldn’t be any other facet in which someone should contemplate the idea of engaging in the activity or else where does the line get drawn? When looking out into the world today you see that the line has clearly been blurred and is open to almost anyone and anything. It is very sad to see this occurring because lives are essentially being destroyed figuratively as well as literally. You can see from the testimonies of many men and women who have been engulfed in one of the various sex industries (who’ve since exited) say just how emotionally and physically dangerous it can be to the people within it. There was celebration when slavery was abolished, yet in this day and age with the activity people are being taught to pursue the most it still remains stronger than ever. Sex appears to be almost everywhere you look and continues to entice every age group with its lure.

So with all that being said you are probably thinking to yourself how is it that you can have those feelings and write those words, yet at the same time have the title in which you do? The answer is quite simple and lies within one of the sentences above; it is still only one of millions of actions we can actually engage in. If you take a look at the world around us just living everyday life there are numerous aspects that we have to tend to just in basic responsibilities that can take enough time in the day to allow ourselves abstinence. Even with free time there are millions of other activities that we could engage in that wouldn’t allow ourselves to be caught in the realm of sex. This also allows ourselves the possibility to avoid the unwanted perils that sex can bring forth aka STD’s. When you ask someone with such a disease I am sure they would’ve much rather been watching television, cooking food, seeing a movie, enjoying a concert, driving a car, playing a video game, attending a church, etc. instead of contracting a disease that has since greatly hindered their life. There are many complex aspects to this highly talked about and desired activity, but the fact remains it is still easier to abstain from engaging in it than it is to physically allow yourself engagement. With the influences of drugs and alcohol it greatly increases the odds that one can fall into the trap of having these sorts of relations, but they too can be avoided easier than obtained. I know that this may seem crazy to some people who are completely surrounded by these sorts of things in their neighborhoods or cities, but there are always outlets to partake in different scenarios if you just allow yourself to see them. There is always a way out of difficult situations and there is always something else you could be doing other than something that could cause harm to your body. Many people that have to endure such hardships with people essentially suffocating them with the antics of alcohol, drugs, and sex usually don’t take the easiest form of action that is known to them… walking away. In most cases they either continue to deal with the situation in which they have been dealt or give in to those particular temptations. Despite the greater difficulty being in changing the situation it is still the best way to go about handling things to allow oneself to improve the environment in which they live.

Addiction lies in the lives of many people and comes in a variety of forms. With some there are healthier addictions than others, but the fact remains that addictions are real and exist greatly in the world in which we live. That being said there are some people who get caught up in activities that addict them to the idea of sexual relations and even some who are addicted to the actual activity itself. I am not going to pretend that it is easy to get away from such a thing as addiction, but there are plenty of outlets in which someone can express themselves to allow a distraction away from the addiction. The fact that the addiction is in the form of a singular activity within a world that presents millions is still a true statement. However, the condition in which you are able to decide and make strides against an addiction over a situation that is just a simple choice is of far greater of difficulty. With that being said, you can’t argue that addictions are indeed formulated and not just simply acquired out of nowhere. There first had to involve a choice by that same individual who is encountering a form of addiction. A choice that could have went differently from the beginning allowing themselves to never have felt the wrath and power of an addiction over them if they had decided to take one of the many other outlets available in the world around them instead of that one particular activity. When you think technically a conversation with a person is an activity and seeing as there are billions of people on this planet in an age where it is easier and easier to connect to them. It should then become clear that you can easily engage in them from person to person providing many different things to do in order to distract away from one singular activity. Given the way conversations are depicted, you can easily spend a greater amount of time within them than you can on many other things. Conversations allow the opportunity to get to share your background as well as learn the background of the one in which you are speaking with. If you add more people to the same conversation it can twist and turn in many different ways causing there to be a greater time sink. Reading is another example, currently sitting or standing wherever you are now reading this allows the title to remain true because it is taking time away from the chances you engage in that particular activity or another one that you are trying to stay away from. Being that this is randomly on the internet from one person living in this world, there are many similar writings spanning the globe that allow time away from a particular activity of choice.

So you see, the concept is simple to understand once applying basic principles of thinking about just how many different routes there are for someone to take in order to spend their time rather than just one. Given activities that may or may not entice the human mind and body more than others, there is simply still a choice that can be made in order to participate is many others. Now, I am not to say that there aren’t situations that occur in this world that someone cannot control that indeed make them engage in such an activity as sex. Without using the word as it is violent in nature, I believe you can think of what it is on your own. Generally it prevents the victim from wanting to be near that sort of physical activity again, however I have seen others take it the other way and try to handle those emotions by continuing to partake in sexual activity. Despite the initial underlying factor of not choosing that circumstance, beyond that point there is a decision process and still many activities existing that can help prevent someone from falling into the depths of a physical lust. Abstinence is easy, granted with what the world throws our way making that statement hard it is still a truth given the many ways we can make that statement a reality within our lifestyles.

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