Heavens arsenal never ever surrenders
So in life you should try to endure
With help comes hope to remain pure
Lose that burden of feeling insecure

Everyone is unique, nobody’s the same
Play to your own understanding, not someone else’s game
Allow yourself to receive self confidence
Analyze each step that you take of significance

If it wasn’t for risk you’d have no reward
The only way to go now is forward
Don’t hesitate, cause at the rate life plays
We may or may not have the rest of today

Escalate your priorities beyond hate
Retaliate with morality before it’s too late
Try to unwrap the present you are to the world
Since life is a gift and living it is no different

Destined for greatness since birth
Don’t ever question your value or worth
Resist the temptation to give in to sin
Suicide, crime, and addictions should never win

Step out of the darkness and be a light
Use your intuition to acquire proper insight
Fight for what’s right, bringing day to the night
Rely upon strength and truth to make it all alright

Build a foundation in which you can reach the sky
Accomplish those goals to excel instead of just try
Open your eyes you have resources of great splendor
Because Heavens arsenal never ever surrenders

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