Sitting there feeling like an outcast
Because the media says you’re no longer part of the masses
Trying to tell us our beliefs aren’t meant to be
Expressing a displeasure for those emphasizing morality

Wanting us to abide by their rules
Hypnotizing us with messages that are subliminal
Engulfing us with negative vibes
So that some of us will then end our own lives

Giving us a false hope saying they have a war on dope
Yet turn their heads away from pornography in which they promote
Solid stances on things to change a nation
Not for the gain of purpose but temporary satisfaction

Driving down our throats to feel pleasure
To have fun at all costs despite there being no cure
Acting as if being spiritual and of God is the cancer
While all these other tedious actions become popular

They want to shut the door on God’s word
Because they know the sacrifice from Christ is the only thing that can deter
Any human being from being fully influenced by their order
Treacherous tactics with finances showing a fall every quarter

Unemployment rates increase just like new jobs overseas
Education within our nation bringing forth the feeling of being displeased
Many just can’t see what is being done
Too focused on themselves instead of their loved ones

Many think the battle is purely involved with money
When it’s the lack of intuition to improve society and humanity
Trending toward the brink of complete darkness
Not exercising our right to spread the light

Worried too much about what others may think
Our boldness and confidence has continued to shrink
Just because it may seem we are in the minority
Doesn’t mean we can’t rise up with our spirituality

Generalizations have brought forth fear
Many won’t reveal themselves because of that spear
Year after year we fade into the background
When we were built to provide the loudest sound

We can’t sit back any more and hope for the best
It is time to move forward and take proper actions
Within prayer comes a great power
If only more used that to benefit that which surrounds us every hour

We have to be diligent to acquire the correct knowledge
So that we can correctly reflect His image
Be willing to express the true love and impactful change
In order for these misguided folks to become uncaged

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