Bittersweet (Listen here)

They say life’s bittersweet
Without knowin the true meaning
Clappin hands, fillin the stands
Just to avoid the grand plan

In a venture for money
Somethin that never satisfies
Closin their eyes wantin harmony
Just to ignore the call from the sky

Given the instrument that’s my mind
Knowledge is what I seek to gain
To help alleviate all the stress from this pain
Havin more questions than answers, I still ask why

Many treat it like a game, with no shame
Then have the nerve to complain
When they aren’t exactly happy
With the results that they portray

Crucifyin Christians in this day and age
Treatin us like criminals with blind rage
I’m tired of bein harnessed, I can’t be caged
I’ve been freed and forgiven, now turnin the page

I’ve felt dead the better part of the last four years
Society tryin to contemplate me as a failure
I have no doubts, I will not forget
I’ve been cut up, shot down, and endured elements

Satan tried to slay me with his nonsense
Demons tryin to acquire power to possess
But with Christ I’ve been able to resist
It is He that is victory in this land of tragedy

I was saved by Him, not my religion
Never forgettin a sacrifice that’s gifted
Don’t represent any form of horns
Cause the King of Kings wore thorns

Lookin to suppress and oppress
Let’s say I’m not impressed
Enough with these flawed politics
Tryin to remove what made this nation what it is

I’m not down with your semantics lunatic
Human intuition isn’t the solution
Doesn’t matter if you’re republican or democratic
We as a species are far too problematic

Love is love, marriage is marriage
The definitions aren’t up for debate
Feel free to go irate, times have changed
But the meanings remain the same

Hypocritical antics to get attention
Playin the victims when they can’t answer my questions
I’m tired of the hate to discriminate
Amongst the entire human race

You can’t make a wrong a right
I’d suggest you foster a little insight
Cause your meaningless plights
Are pointless in the overall fight

Many can’t see beyond the symphony
That’s playin in their head
Leadin them to a certain death
Alone, entangled in calamity

It’s saddening to see the lost
So many at such a great cost
No regards for their soul
They’d rather be influenced beyond self control

Drugs and drinks, they can’t think
Takin pills, losin free will
Pushin their body to the brink
Throwin life away isn’t a thrill

Tryin to acquire a false desire
Engulfed in temporary pleasures
Tossin your heart into the fire
Havin any more than one partner

The past is the past, though it was lived
It can be cleansed before your time ends
Quit bein selfish and let God in
You are eternal not a material
Put the hope within up to Heaven
God Bless!

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