Living Water

Living Water (Listen to full song here)

1st Verse:
At times in our lives
We look for the reason
Take strides to avoid a dive
Livin out each season

Facin problems so rough
Feelin like a failure
Are we really that tough
Can we overcome this stuff

Presented with limitations
While seekin the destination
Givin in to procrastination
When life is short in relation

We build up walls to hide
Not realizin our strength inside
Within us a spirit resides
From the Lord of sacrifice

Each day presents a battle
Allow Him into your fight
For He doesn’t get rattled
Seek His advice and insight

Surrender the burden
Especially if it weighs a ton

2nd Verse:
Seein lives lay in ruins
All because of pain
Creatin emotional contusions
Leavin many in chains

Doesn’t matter your age
Young or old, happy or sad
A traumatic experience slays
Tryin to bury it can be bad

Don’t let it rear its ugly head
Stay tried and true to you
If you breathe you aren’t dead
Rise up and pull through

Piece together happiness
Let Christ be your glue
Remove that feelin of sadness
With Him you can always do

Many addictions in existence
Gettin over them takes persistence
The solution isn’t resistance
But to fully practice avoidance

He came here to cleanse
Givin the truest form of love

3rd Verse:
If it wasn’t for He
We simply would not be
I couldn’t have these blessings
I wouldn’t have become me

To God give all the glory
He was the one creating
Apply the principle of good
Despite if others would

Try not to be afraid
There is always a way
Open the door to his grace
So that smile can remain

Light can travel so fast
Just gotta let it shine
Always allow it to last
Since it is in your design

Trials come and go
Whether there’s rain or snow
His spirit will always flow
It’s His word you should know

He gave us all the tools
And work’s certainly not done

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