How do you define race
Is it one which you run at a frantic pace
Or the difference in look amongst the human face
We’re in such dire straits neither relate

At the heart of it all we’re tired either way
Always wanting to see the dawn of a new day
One where there won’t be the burden of exhaustion
Nor the slanderous acts of enacting discrimination

With each form the blood pressure rises
Hatred or competition both apply in this
Bad mouthing others as if their opposition
Yet when we bond together there’s more accomplishment

The journey in each expresses difficulty
We can’t seem to keep up with attitudes being sickly
Gasping for a breath in both cases
They are both still an issue in most places

Events being held to support a cause
The tone of the masses running a marathon
Such is life when you introduce obstacles
Yet we’re all people despite the optical

Human is the single category we should sustain
The ideal of that defining our race is what we should obtain
The segregation of look is something we need to eliminate
Financial class shouldn’t hold back compassion at any rate

Athleticism and the integrity to keep moving forward
So many goals within life’s journey to go toward
Open the eyes to the blind hate that still surfaces
Don’t get swept up in the stereotypical definitions

Treat others how you want to be treated
It’s that simple and in due time it’ll get repeated
Love and respect go much further than hate
Besides we ALL reach the line of judgment at Heaven’s gate


Honor Guard

A rare sight
Tends to give flight
Despite the night
You can always fight

Acquire the proper insight
Obtain a true delight
To support what’s right
Battling for morals like a knight

But don’t be uptight
Avoid the bite
Reach a new height
And soar like a kite

Initialize the institution
To provide a solution
Step away from inclusion
Of hate through intrusion

Negate any discrimination
And thrive on evaluation
To analyze any situation
Hinting at that indication

We need new reconciliation
To pinpoint any temptation
By correcting any social inflammation
Hindering the health of our nation

Lens of Relationship

A relationship is a treasure meant to be cherished
We try to emulate that of which we envy
But that isn’t how relationships properly develop
Improper actions and selfishness makes them all empty

Traffic flows best without accidents
If you lack responsibility you’ll be haunted with regrets
The only assault that should occur is attacking any problems
Work together towards the solutions with your loved one

Nobody is without flaw
Look in the mirror before pointing out something else you saw
Hold close and monitor the aspects you contribute
View your significant other as forever without substitute

By helping them it helps you
Want to be happy, they do to
After all a relationship does take two
Two hearts and minds to combine to push love through

Don’t lose sight of what commitment really is
Nothing when done right ever results in a forfeit
Stand firm by the side of the one in which you value
Because sticking together isn’t meant to be for just a few

Ignore the statistics and elements of temptation
Look within the realms of your own relationship
Build it upon a solid foundation
So when storms hit you’ll always come out together… victorious


How can a few words hold so much weight
Making us deviate from our confidence
Allowing a sense of self doubt to initiate
Will there ever be a cure to ignore the ignorance

It’s not something that can be controlled
But it is something that constantly unfolds
We have our friends and family, a chosen few
Love and respect is what we should all put through

The airwaves that our ears hear and fingers type
The words that our mouths speak to entice hype
That way a change can be underway
Allowing for the dawn of a new day

Our psyche hinges so much on the esteem
The esteem of a dream of what others are thinking
Can we display an array of change to portray
A new way of thinking in an age where independence is ok

Not saying to be selfish or indulge in yourself
But by all means confidence and humility need to be rebuilt
No matter who says what you’re still you
At the end of the day the life you lead is uniquely you

Advice is advice which is always nice
Constructive criticism though hard can benefit
Don’t get yourself caught in the vice
That will enclose your mind in a state of detriment

Siphon the strength and encouragement
That is meant for you to take part in
Ignore the false horrors that many seem to spew
There mostly isn’t anything better for them to do

The best event to take place is that of your progression
Don’t allow those who have negativity get in your way
Victory always feels better after a little resistance
So embrace the essence of there being that new faith

Allow your experiences to correlate
Decipher the meanings of the words you hear
So you can steer in the correct direction before it escalates
To the notion that introduces commotion to your inner cheer


There is always that struggle with sin
However being steadfast in spirit allows you to win
Avoid the temptation that creeps beneath
So you can establish that foundation to avoid a repeat

Don’t fall prey to the new way of thinking
Despite the year God is always one to fear
The wrath of His judgment outweighs any human tolerance
So to care for their choices is of complete relevance

I always stand to be corrected as I’m not perfect
I’m not the creator of this mass universe
So to claim I have all the answers shows some disrespect
I just know the ways of this Earth are a bit to perverse

Embrace this world for what it’s worth
Take that how you want it, but it isn’t pleasure
The public has more questions than answers
Yet wants to protest any real answers coming from a Church

The Bible is the link that introduces you to betterment
Christ saves any time of the day, He is never absent
Intelligent design still to this day runs rampant
But still there are those that deny there being any resemblance

All of the Biblical text thus far has never been disproven
The antics of the naysayers continue to remain clueless
It’s just beyond anything that is meant for human comprehension
There enlies where the faith perspective steps in

Simplicity coexisting seamlessly in a complex environment
Just goes to show we still aren’t exactly getting it
Human nature is still quite far from perfect
But many designs around us contain that element

Look within, look around, the features around us show His existence

Lottery of Memory

If I had a million dollars it wouldn’t change who I am
It would just change the way I could make an impact
The fact of the matter is money fades away
I wouldn’t let it engulf my personality I’d avoid the decay

So many think money results in happiness
The only fact of the matter is that isn’t the half of it
With more money comes more problems
So sharing it presents a new argument

Letting money define you is as bad as any mishap
Staying true to yourself enhancing your path
Is one way that life can make any of us glad
Sharing that joy and peace is what aids the sad

Using money to elevate your positive qualities
Is far more impressive than the amount of zeros in the bank account
Death strikes us all and materials can be destroyed substantially
However memories can live on forever especially if shared with a large amount

The consensus is that if you are alone then life is a bit dull
Some may admit even living alone life can remain full
Just memories can’t be created and spread without a splash
And in order for an impact experiences need to be happen

Negative actions tend to happen more often
But the ones that live on are of the facet… inspiration
Joy is what speaks volumes to the memory
With quality humanitarian actions transcending any amount of money

Why so awkward?

When you bring up the name of Jesus Christ
There seems to be an innate hate that stimulates
The minds of this current generation of inhabitants
Creating forms of discomfort and discouragement

I can’t understand the plethora of jokes and crimes
That continue to get brought up time after time
Trying to paint a picture that simply isn’t true
While revealing a side of themselves nobody should want to

Many want to claim political correctness
When the matter of the fact is
I could care less about their arguments
When they just want to diminish all my stances

Everybody just wants their way to be correct
Regardless of whether or not they show actual intelligence
Disrespect and discrepancy reign supreme substantially
With no forms of integrity within what they’re portraying

No form of proof or debate
They just want to regulate the hate
Rely upon others words instead of their own mind frame
Continue giving lackluster reasoning due to pure shame

A shame that they don’t have any depth
No true identity within their own head
Controlled views from what they absorb
Instead of gaining through experience on their own accord

They wonder why there is discomfort
It’s simple because they have no effort
No desire to be as open as they advertise
Since they’d rather allow evil to win by buying into Satan’s lies

Humanity is flawed as we all have come to realize
Yet many want to avoid really opening their eyes
We don’t have all the answers and never will
Don’t get left behind, you’ll want to experience Heaven’s thrill

Time Sink

What all could’ve been accomplished without addiction
How much more productivity would result without distraction
The time sink each week and wasted hours reveal
Just a ridiculous amount of statistical material

Research the new average spent going towards entertainment
While in this day that definition has been loosened
People trying to experience a form of fun
Get that fill of feeling that only can come from adrenaline

What if that time was spent in order to progress
Not in the event of that given situation, but something with substance
So much is ailing the masses around us
Yet, not many use their talents to try and prevail us

Blame it on the resources or effort that may be required
People still claiming to be too busy or too tired
When in reality they just lack the motivations
To give in to that aspect of their deepest compassions

Imagine all the reactions from inspirational action
Negativity still seems to dominate, but loses traction
Each and everytime courage is shown through interaction
Real love and respect always stems satisfaction

Improving yourself despite others leaves you forever alone
While improving others involving yourself breeds positive growth
Never lose that node of hope regardless of this current slippery slope
As long as there is breath the strength exists to help us all cope

Wake Up

Conflicting reports of what may or may not be
Would you willingly aid the suffering
Is chivalry really dead or is that just what the media puts in our head
Can we support our own thoughts without what the internet spreads

Reliance upon technology keeps coming to a peak
Explanations of the people these days all categorize as lazy
Will there again be movement to produce prosperity
In the context of improving actual humanity

Will people actually have enough independence to explain themselves
Rather than spew a few random opinions they pulled off the shelve
Intelligence is lacking in the expression of our society
Too many follow a trend rather than stand upon their own integrity

All of this pretending fuels the elements of conspiracy
We want to be taken seriously yet show traits of a “sheep”
The climb is high, but the fall has been extremely steep
Showing no grasp of love and respect just enticed by fantasy

The fake and what mainstream deems acceptable as a dream
Cutting down the very creativity that we were meant to be
Created equal but all given different talents, gifts, and desires
Why is it so quick that the incorrect negative aspect spreads like a wildfire

There’s always more questions than answers
Just this template for supposed success is becoming absurd
Eliminate some of the plague to cure a few symptoms
Then maybe the overall health can again have lesser problems

Not enough focus goes on correcting issues that are plainly seen
Because they are attempting to become the new norm
People following them as orders like robotic machines
Culminating in the loss of their free will improving this perfect storm

Instinctual common sense no longer a must
A lack of intuition from imposing the incorrect trust
They only want to believe what they see
When what they see is only meant to deceive

Tragedy tends to bring forth sorrow
It blindingly allows further hate to grow
Which proposes a gloomy tomorrow
Leaving morality just a slight crack to slip in the window

Wake up snap out of the nightmare
Deep down it is evident that we all truly care

6th of November

A day to see change
For things to never be the same
Could that happen in reality
I find it doubtful with all this conspiracy

Am I a democrat or republican
None of that matters, I am simply an American
A nation lost and separated thanks to the government
When in our description it defines us as United

It’s more of an excitement on that day
That something else is happening outside of the voting charade
Times will never be the same
People argue over nothing as they tread the mill of this game

Cutting each other down at every given chance
All because someone may have a slightly opposing stance
Land of the free and home of the brave
Catering to the greedy pleasures allowing for slaves

Such sick antics and facades over the fifty states
I find myself no longer able to really relate
A nation who claims hearing the voice of the people
But doesn’t listen much as it would rather be lethal

Not only to its own citizens but the drift of other nations
We lack solutions to our own problems, but impose our intentions
To other societies and cultures that don’t much care for what we share
Intensity rises still acting as if we’re the best when our power drains by each hour

Too many issues arise with this simplistic device
Creating two sides to segregate the lives
That are suppose to unite to overcome lies
But instead remain stagnant and blind

Will we truly be able to survive
Or will we continue to allow this slow suicide
When will the people get more responsible and rise
I hope it is rather soon before it is us that meets our demise

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