Who You Are

I haven’t written in awhile and I don’t typically write in blog format about something you see within mainstream media, however this story came to my attention at a perfect time in relation to a life experience of a friend of mine.  I am sure many of you who are up to date with all of these competition shows have X-Factor on your list of shows to watch.  Within this last week I believe they had their first episode or two, I don’t watch the show but came across this video on youtube which has nearly tripled its views since I first saw it.  There was a young woman by the name of Jillian Jensen who had a difficult past due to some kids within her school bullying her when she was growing up.  The relation it had to a friend of mine was that she too was going through a rough time with some people that were around her who she considered to be “friends” as well as just acquaintances.  The song that this young woman sang though is what hit home for the situation that her and my friend faced within the reality of their situations, which is being true to “who you are” despite what others may say or think.

Jillian did her very own rendition of the background music with her musical talents playing the piano portion that you can watch below and delivers a very heartfelt performance that literally gave me chills (cover of Jessie J’s “Who You Are”).  Her story truly broke my heart because there isn’t anything more that tugs at my emotions than seeing females being treated poorly and blatantly disrespected to the point of being drowned in such pain.  The beauty of this story though was that she didn’t allow those trials and problems keep her from pursuing what she always wanted and knew deep down that she could do.  This particular inspirational story makes you feel the sorrow of the past and the celebration of the future for this wonderful young woman.  It was so refreshing to see that in these days where we see such horrible acts towards women that yet another one has prevailed with such courage and drive to achieve the dream she set forth to acquire.  I know it is early in the competition, but in my opinion she has already won in life.  She has gotten such a platform now that she can continue to move forward to inspire other women to never give up despite whatever it is they may face.  The lyrics within the song and the situation that unfolded really portray that better days will be had as long as you continue to move forward and stay true to who you are not allowing others to define you with their negativity.

With the whirlwind of emotions that I experienced while viewing this video it really opened my eyes toward the situation my friend was facing and it allowed me an easy reference to relate to the situation she is currently facing.  There are so many women out there these days of all ages being mistreated to the point that they begin to believe the harsh things that are said about them.  I’ve witnessed it many times over the course of my own life where women have allowed certain insults to become a part of who they are resulting in uncharacteristic behavior.  It really is sad to sit back and soak in the overwhelming amount of women that are out there experiencing similar unnecessary mistreatment.  Women are a treasure, a gem, and a gift who deserve nothing less than the utmost respect and true love.  I am glad that I was able to come across a story such as this to have another example to be able to share with the women I personally know who are going through similar tough times.  I continue to hope that this young woman Jillian continues on within this competition as well as life with a smile on her face knowing she truly is a strong courageous individual who is and always will be a winner.  It is my hope that all women will find the strength and support to overcome the tough situations they may face so that they too can acquire the element of happiness and victory that is the better days ahead.  God Bless!

http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jessiej/whoyouare.html – Lyrics to Jessie J’s “Who You Are”.

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