One is too many

There is something that has been bothering me as of late. There is a commercial that involves the President and a few professional athletes that give the message of one being too many. This is in regards to violence against women in which I agree, even one woman experiencing verbal or physical assault is far too many. However, given the environment that lies within our society let alone the blatant easy to see circumstances of how most of our media portray women it is hard for me to believe that this “campaign” is even serious. If there is such an outcry for this to really be put into motion why aren’t there more organizations and people doing things to thwart these sorts of events celebrated on a national scale or at least more efforts put out in front of a public to support. I still see that it is very easy for there to be people viewing pornography which is still being called an “industry”. How can there be an industry that within it promotes the degradation of women and stemming from that “industry” more incentives to get involved in that sort of work to devalue oneself for the sake of the dirty money?

It is said that prostitution is illegal yet there are more individuals than ever participating in that activity without any repercussions at all it seems. You can find ads on websites for “escorts” that anyone with common sense knows exactly what that entails especially if you dig deeper. They said that slavery was abolished yet sex trafficking and pimps still reign very prominent within the everyday culture. Strip clubs don’t get monitored for all of what they do considering there is prostitution that goes on in most. If you ever heard or read an interview from women who left that lifestyle they will confirm that there are indeed exchanges that go on behind closed doors that resemble the definition of prostitution. I just can’t believe that we have the President and at other times different officials who peek there head out on things such as this at times, yet allow such certain activities that contribute to these things run as rampant as they do. The irony of it all is that not only are they aware of how it all correlates, but many of these men in politics engage in the use of these services and exploit these women. I just find it very sickening that there isn’t more being done to shut these things down. There is not only the lack of willingness, but lack of support for those who are trying to speak out against such things.

There are people being highly mistreated and facing very disgusting situations due to the allowance of such activities. It is not only plaguing our society, but more-so the direction of our country as a whole. If there is truly a worry about the nation’s health then why isn’t something this serious that goes hand in hand with crime, violence, disrespect, etc. being attacked and dealt with? I mean there was a war on terrorism, war on drugs, and a war on steroids… why is there not a war on this exploitation of the human body or mistreatment of its citizens. To say that none of this has an effect on someone physically or mentally is highly absurd. Those who are directly involved with such things can verify the detriment it does to a person. Even being an outside observer and researching such things it is an atrocity to know that nothing has been seriously done to move forward into putting an end to things of this nature. I shouldn’t say nothing, because there are efforts out there to try and raise awareness and derail the train that is becoming bigger as time goes by. It is just the lack of support they get and the lack of overall people viewing it as a problem that is astounding to me. Hopefully more people will wake up and realize just how much of a problem these sorts of things are and to speak up and speak out against them. There are many young people being exploited and having their lives ruined due to these things. There is more to life than money and sex, more people need to realize it and more people need to help show those that are blinded by that outlook what they can do to overcome it. One person exposed or dealing with any of those things at all is far too many.

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