I look out into the sky
See the clouds passing by
Wondering just how many women lost their sunshine
In a world filled with violence and crime

Their outlook overcast because of their past
Self esteem lowered instead of pursuing a dream
Bullies having the effect of a car crash
Paralyzing the progress of the woman’s true path

Traffic these days is more than just cars
Too many gems being bruised when they should shine like the stars
Many hiding their true identity, loved ones wondering where they are
Broken emotionally and dealing with more than just the physical scars

It’s a shame that it’s all overlooked or can be successful in a book
When all it really took was one situation for their shine to die
Many can criticize and contemplate poor choices asking why
Some women feel devalued enough to sell themselves to any guy

Yet no love comes forth to talk, but rather just ignore or pass judgment
Real problems persist and it’s raining down upon the bliss
Instead of feeding the crops it’s flooding the fields of what women really want
What they deserve are solutions and support to avoid drowning in this

Nothing but misfits ruining what God intended for these women
It’s not the plan for the woman to simply please a man
They’re meant to be respected and protected over any riches
How did it get so jaded, why is love becoming more and more faded

While living what may be a normal life
Many out there are struggling to survive
Hidden away as slaves facing much strife
Seconds away from another treacherous act that they don’t like

Forced into sketchy behavior blurring lines of consent
This wasn’t meant to be their journey, not one moment of it
Trapped by the confines of doubt
All they really want to do is find a way out

When can we all agree to help them flee
Stand up for the hidden treasures that are suffering
It is said you can’t fix what you can’t see
But you can see the plenty if you actually start looking

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