Relational Gap

It seems many feel they can’t live without a relationship
Little do they know the gap that they feel is the simplest
Not as complex as they make it, so easy to fill
The love they seek is always present if they just stayed still

Moving ever more frantically to embrace a sense of love
No human can make you feel near as good as what comes from above
The easiest gift and most powerful love can be yours anytime, anyday
All you have to do is invite Him in by giving Him the ok

He proved to you how much you’re worth
Through His story ever since His birth
He isn’t dead despite what many others have said
It is you and Him that will make the best friends

Never will He leave or forsake you
Never will He disrespect or neglect you
Never will He take advantage of your kindness
Never will He make you feel a bit of indifference

What you want isn’t found in a bar or dating service
Those are just spots of entrapment for potential perverseness
Lifestyle delegates a lot of what comes to you in return
Treat yourself well and stay away from the burn

Everybody is in a rush to yield a form of love
Yet the definition they entrust will always be a bust
Giving themselves up for an ounce of pleasure toward the lust
A temporary gain will always leave emptiness as if that gap was untouched

The plea that you speak through what you seek
Can be claimed down on a knee easily
No money, no fame, no stress required
The sooner you do it the quicker you can end being tired

Never will He turn you away
Never will He make you feel insecure
Never will He avoid being there to make you ok
Never will He try and interrupt your plans to prosper

Jesus Christ is His name
Saving your life is the same

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