Tick Tock

Has someone told you they loved you today
Have you told someone you loved them today
Either way with each tick of the clock we’re all dying
The time before that last second gets closer no matter how hard we’re trying

It’s a tough reality to swallow
Knowing we’re older today than yesterday
And older now than tomorrow
Cause tomorrow could cease to exist

We’re entering the unknown each moment that time progresses
Yet we act as if we have forever to fix the problems
We like to center ourselves within the attention
But those around us are just as important

Love your neighbor as thyself
If that simple task was achieved we’d all have better health
Getting caught in the storm of achieving financial wealth
Has destroyed many attempts of true love trying to improve ourselves

It’s a shame that in these days we have more slaves
More pathways for people to exploit generosity
Examples that exemplify and redefine the definition of negativity
All for the sake of greed and a false sense of prosperity

Money being proclaimed the only way to have happiness
While sex oversteps the boundaries of marriage
Drugs and alcohol claiming to be needed in order to feel romantic
So sad to see distorted fantasies becoming a reality through indiscretions

Many out there who claim to have intelligence
Say that creation isn’t real it’s now how we exist
When something as simplistic as this writing was indeed created
Something from nothing isn’t exactly a credible stance

Take a glance with me at what is around us, notice the design
Creativity exists during this day, so why not back when before our time
Take that intelligence and notice how precise even the simplest things need to be
That didn’t happen by accident in case you were wondering

There is so much that swirls on this day
The tide rises and falls, yet through it all
We need to realize there is a greater importance than ourselves
And to not get washed away in this madness that tries to enthrall

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