6th of November

A day to see change
For things to never be the same
Could that happen in reality
I find it doubtful with all this conspiracy

Am I a democrat or republican
None of that matters, I am simply an American
A nation lost and separated thanks to the government
When in our description it defines us as United

It’s more of an excitement on that day
That something else is happening outside of the voting charade
Times will never be the same
People argue over nothing as they tread the mill of this game

Cutting each other down at every given chance
All because someone may have a slightly opposing stance
Land of the free and home of the brave
Catering to the greedy pleasures allowing for slaves

Such sick antics and facades over the fifty states
I find myself no longer able to really relate
A nation who claims hearing the voice of the people
But doesn’t listen much as it would rather be lethal

Not only to its own citizens but the drift of other nations
We lack solutions to our own problems, but impose our intentions
To other societies and cultures that don’t much care for what we share
Intensity rises still acting as if we’re the best when our power drains by each hour

Too many issues arise with this simplistic device
Creating two sides to segregate the lives
That are suppose to unite to overcome lies
But instead remain stagnant and blind

Will we truly be able to survive
Or will we continue to allow this slow suicide
When will the people get more responsible and rise
I hope it is rather soon before it is us that meets our demise

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  1. I think you have noted some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post.


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