Time Sink

What all could’ve been accomplished without addiction
How much more productivity would result without distraction
The time sink each week and wasted hours reveal
Just a ridiculous amount of statistical material

Research the new average spent going towards entertainment
While in this day that definition has been loosened
People trying to experience a form of fun
Get that fill of feeling that only can come from adrenaline

What if that time was spent in order to progress
Not in the event of that given situation, but something with substance
So much is ailing the masses around us
Yet, not many use their talents to try and prevail us

Blame it on the resources or effort that may be required
People still claiming to be too busy or too tired
When in reality they just lack the motivations
To give in to that aspect of their deepest compassions

Imagine all the reactions from inspirational action
Negativity still seems to dominate, but loses traction
Each and everytime courage is shown through interaction
Real love and respect always stems satisfaction

Improving yourself despite others leaves you forever alone
While improving others involving yourself breeds positive growth
Never lose that node of hope regardless of this current slippery slope
As long as there is breath the strength exists to help us all cope

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