Wake Up

Conflicting reports of what may or may not be
Would you willingly aid the suffering
Is chivalry really dead or is that just what the media puts in our head
Can we support our own thoughts without what the internet spreads

Reliance upon technology keeps coming to a peak
Explanations of the people these days all categorize as lazy
Will there again be movement to produce prosperity
In the context of improving actual humanity

Will people actually have enough independence to explain themselves
Rather than spew a few random opinions they pulled off the shelve
Intelligence is lacking in the expression of our society
Too many follow a trend rather than stand upon their own integrity

All of this pretending fuels the elements of conspiracy
We want to be taken seriously yet show traits of a “sheep”
The climb is high, but the fall has been extremely steep
Showing no grasp of love and respect just enticed by fantasy

The fake and what mainstream deems acceptable as a dream
Cutting down the very creativity that we were meant to be
Created equal but all given different talents, gifts, and desires
Why is it so quick that the incorrect negative aspect spreads like a wildfire

There’s always more questions than answers
Just this template for supposed success is becoming absurd
Eliminate some of the plague to cure a few symptoms
Then maybe the overall health can again have lesser problems

Not enough focus goes on correcting issues that are plainly seen
Because they are attempting to become the new norm
People following them as orders like robotic machines
Culminating in the loss of their free will improving this perfect storm

Instinctual common sense no longer a must
A lack of intuition from imposing the incorrect trust
They only want to believe what they see
When what they see is only meant to deceive

Tragedy tends to bring forth sorrow
It blindingly allows further hate to grow
Which proposes a gloomy tomorrow
Leaving morality just a slight crack to slip in the window

Wake up snap out of the nightmare
Deep down it is evident that we all truly care

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