Why so awkward?

When you bring up the name of Jesus Christ
There seems to be an innate hate that stimulates
The minds of this current generation of inhabitants
Creating forms of discomfort and discouragement

I can’t understand the plethora of jokes and crimes
That continue to get brought up time after time
Trying to paint a picture that simply isn’t true
While revealing a side of themselves nobody should want to

Many want to claim political correctness
When the matter of the fact is
I could care less about their arguments
When they just want to diminish all my stances

Everybody just wants their way to be correct
Regardless of whether or not they show actual intelligence
Disrespect and discrepancy reign supreme substantially
With no forms of integrity within what they’re portraying

No form of proof or debate
They just want to regulate the hate
Rely upon others words instead of their own mind frame
Continue giving lackluster reasoning due to pure shame

A shame that they don’t have any depth
No true identity within their own head
Controlled views from what they absorb
Instead of gaining through experience on their own accord

They wonder why there is discomfort
It’s simple because they have no effort
No desire to be as open as they advertise
Since they’d rather allow evil to win by buying into Satan’s lies

Humanity is flawed as we all have come to realize
Yet many want to avoid really opening their eyes
We don’t have all the answers and never will
Don’t get left behind, you’ll want to experience Heaven’s thrill

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  1. Lovely post. I loved most the part about people feeling at ease to mention and hear a wide range of issues and names; but they just seem aversed to hearing Jesus Christ.

    • Moralz

       /  October 1, 2012

      Thank you for taking the time to read this particular piece as I am very much appreciative of the kind words. I am glad that you grasped that particular aspect as it was what inspired the whole poem in itself. Take care!


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