Lottery of Memory

If I had a million dollars it wouldn’t change who I am
It would just change the way I could make an impact
The fact of the matter is money fades away
I wouldn’t let it engulf my personality I’d avoid the decay

So many think money results in happiness
The only fact of the matter is that isn’t the half of it
With more money comes more problems
So sharing it presents a new argument

Letting money define you is as bad as any mishap
Staying true to yourself enhancing your path
Is one way that life can make any of us glad
Sharing that joy and peace is what aids the sad

Using money to elevate your positive qualities
Is far more impressive than the amount of zeros in the bank account
Death strikes us all and materials can be destroyed substantially
However memories can live on forever especially if shared with a large amount

The consensus is that if you are alone then life is a bit dull
Some may admit even living alone life can remain full
Just memories can’t be created and spread without a splash
And in order for an impact experiences need to be happen

Negative actions tend to happen more often
But the ones that live on are of the facet… inspiration
Joy is what speaks volumes to the memory
With quality humanitarian actions transcending any amount of money

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