There is always that struggle with sin
However being steadfast in spirit allows you to win
Avoid the temptation that creeps beneath
So you can establish that foundation to avoid a repeat

Don’t fall prey to the new way of thinking
Despite the year God is always one to fear
The wrath of His judgment outweighs any human tolerance
So to care for their choices is of complete relevance

I always stand to be corrected as I’m not perfect
I’m not the creator of this mass universe
So to claim I have all the answers shows some disrespect
I just know the ways of this Earth are a bit to perverse

Embrace this world for what it’s worth
Take that how you want it, but it isn’t pleasure
The public has more questions than answers
Yet wants to protest any real answers coming from a Church

The Bible is the link that introduces you to betterment
Christ saves any time of the day, He is never absent
Intelligent design still to this day runs rampant
But still there are those that deny there being any resemblance

All of the Biblical text thus far has never been disproven
The antics of the naysayers continue to remain clueless
It’s just beyond anything that is meant for human comprehension
There enlies where the faith perspective steps in

Simplicity coexisting seamlessly in a complex environment
Just goes to show we still aren’t exactly getting it
Human nature is still quite far from perfect
But many designs around us contain that element

Look within, look around, the features around us show His existence

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