How can a few words hold so much weight
Making us deviate from our confidence
Allowing a sense of self doubt to initiate
Will there ever be a cure to ignore the ignorance

It’s not something that can be controlled
But it is something that constantly unfolds
We have our friends and family, a chosen few
Love and respect is what we should all put through

The airwaves that our ears hear and fingers type
The words that our mouths speak to entice hype
That way a change can be underway
Allowing for the dawn of a new day

Our psyche hinges so much on the esteem
The esteem of a dream of what others are thinking
Can we display an array of change to portray
A new way of thinking in an age where independence is ok

Not saying to be selfish or indulge in yourself
But by all means confidence and humility need to be rebuilt
No matter who says what you’re still you
At the end of the day the life you lead is uniquely you

Advice is advice which is always nice
Constructive criticism though hard can benefit
Don’t get yourself caught in the vice
That will enclose your mind in a state of detriment

Siphon the strength and encouragement
That is meant for you to take part in
Ignore the false horrors that many seem to spew
There mostly isn’t anything better for them to do

The best event to take place is that of your progression
Don’t allow those who have negativity get in your way
Victory always feels better after a little resistance
So embrace the essence of there being that new faith

Allow your experiences to correlate
Decipher the meanings of the words you hear
So you can steer in the correct direction before it escalates
To the notion that introduces commotion to your inner cheer

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