Lens of Relationship

A relationship is a treasure meant to be cherished
We try to emulate that of which we envy
But that isn’t how relationships properly develop
Improper actions and selfishness makes them all empty

Traffic flows best without accidents
If you lack responsibility you’ll be haunted with regrets
The only assault that should occur is attacking any problems
Work together towards the solutions with your loved one

Nobody is without flaw
Look in the mirror before pointing out something else you saw
Hold close and monitor the aspects you contribute
View your significant other as forever without substitute

By helping them it helps you
Want to be happy, they do to
After all a relationship does take two
Two hearts and minds to combine to push love through

Don’t lose sight of what commitment really is
Nothing when done right ever results in a forfeit
Stand firm by the side of the one in which you value
Because sticking together isn’t meant to be for just a few

Ignore the statistics and elements of temptation
Look within the realms of your own relationship
Build it upon a solid foundation
So when storms hit you’ll always come out together… victorious

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