How do you define race
Is it one which you run at a frantic pace
Or the difference in look amongst the human face
We’re in such dire straits neither relate

At the heart of it all we’re tired either way
Always wanting to see the dawn of a new day
One where there won’t be the burden of exhaustion
Nor the slanderous acts of enacting discrimination

With each form the blood pressure rises
Hatred or competition both apply in this
Bad mouthing others as if their opposition
Yet when we bond together there’s more accomplishment

The journey in each expresses difficulty
We can’t seem to keep up with attitudes being sickly
Gasping for a breath in both cases
They are both still an issue in most places

Events being held to support a cause
The tone of the masses running a marathon
Such is life when you introduce obstacles
Yet we’re all people despite the optical

Human is the single category we should sustain
The ideal of that defining our race is what we should obtain
The segregation of look is something we need to eliminate
Financial class shouldn’t hold back compassion at any rate

Athleticism and the integrity to keep moving forward
So many goals within life’s journey to go toward
Open the eyes to the blind hate that still surfaces
Don’t get swept up in the stereotypical definitions

Treat others how you want to be treated
It’s that simple and in due time it’ll get repeated
Love and respect go much further than hate
Besides we ALL reach the line of judgment at Heaven’s gate

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