Dear Woman,

Hello there my fair Ms.
I hope your day is well and filled with bliss
You might have a few troubles
However if you need me, I’ll be there on the double

I’d rather see you smile all the while
No need for a frown on that beautiful face
The way your eyes gleam when happy is proper style
Nothing I’d rather see you experience other than grace

Doesn’t matter your height or weight love
Whatever you see in the mirror is more than enough
What lies within your heart is where I’ll start
The pursuit of your dreams no matter what is smart

Don’t get hung up on what others may think
Respect yourself throughout every time you blink
Your choices can shape your emotions
Worry will only hold you back from proper promotion

Keep that desire that fuels your fire
Reach all your goals despite what others may inquire
Your life is yours at the end of the day
Keep your sights clear to avoid the shades of grey

Remain loyal to that of what you’re worth
No man should rob you of your mirth
The entirety of yourself is the ultimate gift
Just don’t give it away without a true commitment

You’re worth more than any diamond
You’re worth more than any prized possession
You’re not just another materialistic good
You’re not a person who should be misunderstood

Real love is out there if you remain patient
No need to rush into an uncomfortable situation
I’d rather not see you suffer, but rather dwell in kindness
So if you can, please avoid the temptations

You deserve to be loved and protected at all times
Treated fairly and inspired to reach the top of your climb
Don’t ever sell yourself short on what you can achieve
Anything can be reached my dear if you truly believe



Having a child brings you great joy
Gaining success allows for great excitement
Happiness causes a smile to deploy
Love of another makes the journey feel significant

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel

Getting accepted into the college of your choosing
Winning that event you were losing
Acquiring the money needed to survive
Experiencing a euphoria making you feel alive

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel

Owning high end materials makes most glad
Providing for our families brings a sense of hope
The surprise of acknowledgement is never bad
Gaining intelligence brings more into the scope

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel

The pleasure you feel within a dream
Getting shown respect to boost your esteem
The reality of being given a good deed
Recovering from an illness or injury so you can again proceed

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel
Heaven is the place you want to be
Heaven is the place that makes this all real

What makes you feel the most special here
Can’t come close to what will embrace you there
The celebration will exceed that of a new year
Seeing God face to face, you’ll be in great care

Earth can only offer so much
Christ provided a way out of the clutch
By accepting the gift you’ll be free
Where one day you’ll reside in Heaven with complete clarity


Suffering from incurable disease
Begging for answers with meaning
Facing a constant line of tragedy
Seeing the results of mental insanity

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel

Murders happening as often as breathing
Anger and hatred continue on seething
Wars appear to be never ending
Familiar feelings appear to be pain and agony

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel

That feeling of failure from being rejected
Not knowing what comes next without a paycheck
The worry that lies within not being protected
Confusion that engulfs you after a wreck

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel

Being victimized by your own addiction
Left stranded alone wondering what happened
Dealing with your own mistakes that caused friction
Feeling as if you fell short of completing your mission

Nothing compares to what you’ll see
Nothing can compare to what you’ll feel
Hell is the place you don’t want to be
Hell is the place where all your fears become real

The worst experience you’ve ever faced here
Only escalates within the sin of the fallen
You’ll shed quite a few more tears
If you continue to ignore the voice of Heaven

Despite popular belief this isn’t all there is
What you may consider success and bliss
Just might indeed be a plethora of sins
If you don’t like pain and suffering then get saved before death takes you in


We see it on the TV
We see it on the big screen
When will people end tragedy
I’m sure that’s something we simply won’t see

We have shootings and stabbings
Countless rapings and bombings
All across the world, it is quite haunting

Today is a new day with yet more violence
Unexpected occurrences happening to innocents
Just when you think peace becomes relevant
Someone comes along to end the pleasure of it

Unnecessary actions coming from the blackness
Reaching out from the depths of the abyss
Our world is mistaken on how to counter this
So sometime soon we’ll suffer another experience

Where there is evil, there is also good
We just have to get that across and understood
Rise up and take the proper action to decrease
This senseless nonsense that keeps happening

Pray for yourselves as well as the victims
Because though you might be good others are sufferin
Lend a helping hand so they can again stand
We’re all here for each other to allow strength to expand


Reacquainted, Reestablished, and Reconnected it all felt so real
It’s been years now, but I still ask “what’s the deal?”
Time was shared and laughs were had
We expressed ourselves and aided each other through the bad

Prior to the experiences there was a huge gap
Life took us in different directions just to bring us back
We were there for each other our connection was deep
Yet, I sit here on this day where I still haven’t heard a peep
If I ignored positive messages from someone I cared for I sure couldn’t sleep
So I am guilty of wondering, “was it all just a dream?”

I can’t say that the times weren’t confusing
But the both of us knew what we were doing
Sharing our lives together to make the others better
Still can’t believe there was silence after my letters

We each lost someone important in our lives
However the only side to speak was mine
It’s all good and fine, life is quite busy I realize
But it contradicts the words I once heard from her, “so were they lies?”
Were my emotions being tricked by my mind?

It all felt so real, nothing shady from the lady
Until the lines became blurred almost grainy
Outside comments were made and shared
But never discussed between us cause it didn’t seem to matter

Who knows though maybe it did
Because I’m left here feeling blank about our relationship
Where did it all go wrong, when did the bond disappear
It may be a bit awkward our next meet potentially later this year

I don’t hold any fear
I am just rather confused my dear
We were once so close
This is probably for the better I suppose

The fact remains the same
Every time I hear her name
I associate it with love and kindness
So I hope her life continues with nothing but success and happiness

Shaded Sky

I haven’t seen the sun in a number of days
Though I’ve felt the Son as I try to follow His ways
Shaded has my life become in this new grey
I continue to wonder when it will get better as I pray

The world collapsing all around me
I can’t stop the madness despite my plea
It is just out of my control sadly

I kick back and see the combinations
Trying to take away something positive in every situation
But the fact of the matter is we’re drowning in the negative
Since that’s what seems to get the most attention

I’ve been caged, put myself on house arrest
Because I can’t stand being engulfed by this mess
The truth is I’ve fled away from the norm
Because I hate dealing with the daily storms

I locked myself away by building a barricade
Held to my standards as I tried to obey
Distanced myself to try and avoid the pain
But little good did it do me, as I’ve felt slain

Trying to wash my hands of the sin
I realize it is impossible, I simply can’t win
I’m not perfect cause living in this world I’m only human
Hence my reasoning for looking to Heaven

I’ve got to let my mind fly until my heart dies
I can’t ask why, I just have to embrace my time
The darkness will spread if I don’t let His light shine
So I have to trust in Him and forfeit the plan I call mine

I’m forever grateful that I can be used by the one most high
It is the only way that my veins haven’t run dry
There is a reason that I have yet to enter the sky
Cause it is He that has kept me alive to aid in His timeline


That element you just can’t see
That element you can’t breathe
That element that escapes reasoning
That element that leaves you wondering

The feeling in which you feel but don’t touch
The feeling in which you know but can’t teach
The feeling where you just can’t seem to get enough
The feeling you experience that transcends reach

A time where nothing is out of place
A time where there’s no empty space
A time when you feel truly embraced
A time that consistently puts a smile on your face

A whisper in your ear when nobody is near
A breeze against your skin when fully clothed
A warmth within despite feeling cold with tears
A tingle felt from something unknown

The glimmer that sparkles in your eye
The shimmer of a memory within your mind
The emotion that inspires your desire
The purpose you seem to acquire

That reward of being thanked
That expression of gratitude you accept and internally bank
That unique aura that stimulates
That property amongst us in which we can’t explain

Mood Climate

As the days go by we see the signs
All around us seems to change
I guess it depends where your geographic aligns
At any rate like a book seasons turn the page

It begins something fresh and new
A new slate of months to accrue
Moods change along with the weather
You let go of the old and embrace the new chapter

It seems there is always initial excitement
Later to be replaced with slight disappointment
Many are happy to bring in a new season
However begin to grow tired of them

The way the pendulum swings with the tick of the clock
Is similar to how moods go within the flow of the year
Many prefer one season over another like a flock
Just to define themselves a bit more clear

What type of weather do you prefer?
Is your season focused on that or another factor?
Maybe you haven’t experienced true seasons
Would that then affect your overall choices and reason?

Rush Hour

There’s a traffic jam that shouldn’t exist
We can’t seem to get any control of it
Not found in the mainstream, just appears dismissed
When will solutions and support come forth to commit

You have countless numbers of feminists
Yet the problem still continues to persist
I’m troubled at the law that tries to negate it
All the while being the first ones to submit

People shout for rights and equality
All while many are suffering lives of slavery
It is right in our backyard and on our streets
Yet we aren’t seeing any real urgency

Young women being kidnapped and harassed
Not in the typical form where they’ll ever get their life back
Many turning a blind eye or just aren’t aware
Because it seems as if they’re caught in the glare

Everywhere you turn there is prostitution
With policy makers giving them business
Pornography distracting people from a solution
Because hardly anyone feels it needs to be addressed

All these cowards feeding lies and deceit to many ladies
Saying they’ll get treated more than fairly
Forcing them to give in and sell their bodies
How often do we see news on this, never or at best rarely

It isn’t just women, but young kids of both genders
They’re all caught up in this ridiculous blunder
The fact that it is so rampant makes one wonder
Can we correct it or will it continue to thrive in a hidden splendor

The traffic that takes place isn’t by vehicle
And the chance of seeing a fix right now is miniscule
I never even heard of it within my years of school
So when can we expect to be equipped with the proper tools

This has gone on far too long in silence
Many get sucked in through addiction and violence
So the crimes stack up and yet it isn’t public
Still makes me question the methods behind our republic

The scenario is clouded with the jam still in tact
Will you do some research today and begin to react
Or continue to sit back and relax
While more innocents gets stolen away leaving no tracks

Brisk Air

As I sit in this cold world and feel this frost
Is it the natural weather pattern of winter
Or do I happen to feel the call of the lost
Reaching and clawing at me to stand and deliver

Not knowing what I’ll face around the next corner
Violence everywhere it’s hard to take shelter
One day you feel you might experience some warmth
But it could be the deception of hellfire in a lucid storm

Everyone is so tied up in making a dime
I cannot understand half of the reasons why
Some new method of need tends to arise
No matter what, someone elevates the addictive climb

It isn’t that they want to work harder
It’s the fact they just can’t resist
So many think as if they want to become a martyr
When the fact is they’ll never know true bliss

Such crazy antics these days have come into play
Everyone trying to focus on what they feel
No longer focused on moral standards since they’ve been lead astray
Hard to leave their little fantasies when they neglect what’s real

There still is said to be a code of ethics
However I don’t see many quick to abide
The barriers have crumbled and lines blurred with erotics
Policy makers say certain things are illegal just to later utilize

Hard to grasp what it is that this ice means
Will it freeze progression of positivity
Will it force the negativity to slip substantially
Or could it potentially be another figment of a dream

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