Fool’s Day

Many get caught in the charade of their mistakes
Looking for popularity rather than fixing heartache
Fame and glamour can only get you so far
Self centered actions don’t make you a star

Outreach is a powerful tool
One that can impact many even the fool’s
But what’s the message you are trying to portray
Is it one that’s respected or feared in these days

No matter what you stand for
Do you have the gumption to implore
That you truly believe what you speak
And to lead with actions rather than fall weak

Cause many are afraid to display
What it is they really feel today
They expect others to educate them
Then feel they have the right to condemn

Hard to respect someone who doesn’t have a stance
Other than what they find at a quick glance
Experience and research seem to get the most respect
So why try to embrace an act in which you may not have the proper intellect

Dialogue and debate has truly dwindled these days
With communication coming in all different ways
Simply said it’s hard to understand
The likes of most trying to explain some of these plans

Don’t be the fool that’s left behind
Educate yourself to improve your mind

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