October Skies

As I sat by that day looking to the clouds
My thoughts raced through my mind ever so loud
I thought back to a time in the past
Where ever since, I’ve lived in regret

The results of one simple action
Could’ve changed my life as I know it
Or kept it the same, but with no room for question

Hesitation was my downfall
And ever since, I’ve been in an emotional crawl
The pace of persistence in this thought never ends
But the possibility to resolve it can never be determined

It’s too far back to be changed
However the possibility remains the same
Questions arise and comparisons are made
Each and every time I even think of her name

As I sat there in the weather which was cold
It reminded me of the time my feelings weren’t told
Being that I looked into her eyes for the first time
All those years again flashed before my eyes

A love unexplained with the regret causing much pain
Yet, nothing could be said so it remained detained
I wouldn’t recommend denying the expression of positive feelings
Because in the end you’ll be the one with the pain that’s reeling

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