A common occurrence to all living things
The beginning and end to all of our journeys
Something that will always be
Indescribable and hard to evaluate clearly

It comes and goes at a varying pace
Something we can’t control despite the race
As we age we begin to learn more
Yet, nothing can quite prepare us for what it has in store

It is the unique element that can’t be explained
Because for some it’s a blessing while others a curse
It isn’t a renewable resource that can be retained
Once it comes it goes without knowing better or worse

In itself it never changes
However, we see the strain amongst our nations
The differences lie upon all our faces
No matter the reaction or formula, it affects all places

There’s no cure, disease, or addiction
It’s just time has its own defined mission
Out of our control a facet we can’t harness
Yet, we can use or waste it as we progress

Hard to grasp as it continues to exist
Just another conundrum to what we can’t fathom
We say we’ll make or create time, but it can resist

There’s only one that has ever transcended it
As it was His to truly create
Just like time, He has never quit
It’s just a matter now of if we’ll cooperate

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