I look out into this sea of suffering
Left a bit startled and consistently wondering
What could I possibly do to alleviate any pain
What is it that I could do to help provide a gain

I’ve let myself seep into this tragedy
I’ve felt the darkness surround me
It didn’t happen quick, but rather subtly
I didn’t even notice the distraction as time was vanishing

I can’t bare this false understanding
The illusion of grandeur that promotes neglect
Such antics receiving popular branding
All of the pressure built up is parasitic
The aspect of selling oneself into torment

It all just doesn’t add up, enough is enough
When submersed you become numb
You can’t tell what all you’re missing out on
Cause it plays tricks on you until time is gone

The depths are never ending if you so allow
But luckily there is hope within the light that glows
Find your reason to evaluate your stress
Let yourself wake up to get rid of the mess

We’re human we all make mistakes
We cannot attain true perfection
Becoming aware is the best action you can take
To remove the darkness that is the infection

I’ve snapped back to reality to see
That I just wasn’t truly being me
Luckily a beautiful smile reawoke my creativity
So the answers to my questions came clearly

I’ve always had the ability to alleviate some pain
As I’ve already allowed for others to receive a form of gain
I forgot how much joy I find in writing
To be back at it again is rather exciting

So looking out into this sea of suffering
I no longer want to hide the thoughts I have swirling
As I look back onto past reactions and appreciation
I find that time can no longer be wasted with frustration

It is time to focus and improve
Using what I can to create an impact
That enables others as well as myself to move
In a direction that doesn’t distract

This is how I react, getting back at it
Expressing my gratitude and then making a directive
I refuse to get hidden away again, I can’t quit
A gift is a gift and I won’t fail my objective

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