Brisk Air

As I sit in this cold world and feel this frost
Is it the natural weather pattern of winter
Or do I happen to feel the call of the lost
Reaching and clawing at me to stand and deliver

Not knowing what I’ll face around the next corner
Violence everywhere it’s hard to take shelter
One day you feel you might experience some warmth
But it could be the deception of hellfire in a lucid storm

Everyone is so tied up in making a dime
I cannot understand half of the reasons why
Some new method of need tends to arise
No matter what, someone elevates the addictive climb

It isn’t that they want to work harder
It’s the fact they just can’t resist
So many think as if they want to become a martyr
When the fact is they’ll never know true bliss

Such crazy antics these days have come into play
Everyone trying to focus on what they feel
No longer focused on moral standards since they’ve been lead astray
Hard to leave their little fantasies when they neglect what’s real

There still is said to be a code of ethics
However I don’t see many quick to abide
The barriers have crumbled and lines blurred with erotics
Policy makers say certain things are illegal just to later utilize

Hard to grasp what it is that this ice means
Will it freeze progression of positivity
Will it force the negativity to slip substantially
Or could it potentially be another figment of a dream

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