That element you just can’t see
That element you can’t breathe
That element that escapes reasoning
That element that leaves you wondering

The feeling in which you feel but don’t touch
The feeling in which you know but can’t teach
The feeling where you just can’t seem to get enough
The feeling you experience that transcends reach

A time where nothing is out of place
A time where there’s no empty space
A time when you feel truly embraced
A time that consistently puts a smile on your face

A whisper in your ear when nobody is near
A breeze against your skin when fully clothed
A warmth within despite feeling cold with tears
A tingle felt from something unknown

The glimmer that sparkles in your eye
The shimmer of a memory within your mind
The emotion that inspires your desire
The purpose you seem to acquire

That reward of being thanked
That expression of gratitude you accept and internally bank
That unique aura that stimulates
That property amongst us in which we can’t explain

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