Mood Climate

As the days go by we see the signs
All around us seems to change
I guess it depends where your geographic aligns
At any rate like a book seasons turn the page

It begins something fresh and new
A new slate of months to accrue
Moods change along with the weather
You let go of the old and embrace the new chapter

It seems there is always initial excitement
Later to be replaced with slight disappointment
Many are happy to bring in a new season
However begin to grow tired of them

The way the pendulum swings with the tick of the clock
Is similar to how moods go within the flow of the year
Many prefer one season over another like a flock
Just to define themselves a bit more clear

What type of weather do you prefer?
Is your season focused on that or another factor?
Maybe you haven’t experienced true seasons
Would that then affect your overall choices and reason?

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