Rush Hour

There’s a traffic jam that shouldn’t exist
We can’t seem to get any control of it
Not found in the mainstream, just appears dismissed
When will solutions and support come forth to commit

You have countless numbers of feminists
Yet the problem still continues to persist
I’m troubled at the law that tries to negate it
All the while being the first ones to submit

People shout for rights and equality
All while many are suffering lives of slavery
It is right in our backyard and on our streets
Yet we aren’t seeing any real urgency

Young women being kidnapped and harassed
Not in the typical form where they’ll ever get their life back
Many turning a blind eye or just aren’t aware
Because it seems as if they’re caught in the glare

Everywhere you turn there is prostitution
With policy makers giving them business
Pornography distracting people from a solution
Because hardly anyone feels it needs to be addressed

All these cowards feeding lies and deceit to many ladies
Saying they’ll get treated more than fairly
Forcing them to give in and sell their bodies
How often do we see news on this, never or at best rarely

It isn’t just women, but young kids of both genders
They’re all caught up in this ridiculous blunder
The fact that it is so rampant makes one wonder
Can we correct it or will it continue to thrive in a hidden splendor

The traffic that takes place isn’t by vehicle
And the chance of seeing a fix right now is miniscule
I never even heard of it within my years of school
So when can we expect to be equipped with the proper tools

This has gone on far too long in silence
Many get sucked in through addiction and violence
So the crimes stack up and yet it isn’t public
Still makes me question the methods behind our republic

The scenario is clouded with the jam still in tact
Will you do some research today and begin to react
Or continue to sit back and relax
While more innocents gets stolen away leaving no tracks

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