Reacquainted, Reestablished, and Reconnected it all felt so real
It’s been years now, but I still ask “what’s the deal?”
Time was shared and laughs were had
We expressed ourselves and aided each other through the bad

Prior to the experiences there was a huge gap
Life took us in different directions just to bring us back
We were there for each other our connection was deep
Yet, I sit here on this day where I still haven’t heard a peep
If I ignored positive messages from someone I cared for I sure couldn’t sleep
So I am guilty of wondering, “was it all just a dream?”

I can’t say that the times weren’t confusing
But the both of us knew what we were doing
Sharing our lives together to make the others better
Still can’t believe there was silence after my letters

We each lost someone important in our lives
However the only side to speak was mine
It’s all good and fine, life is quite busy I realize
But it contradicts the words I once heard from her, “so were they lies?”
Were my emotions being tricked by my mind?

It all felt so real, nothing shady from the lady
Until the lines became blurred almost grainy
Outside comments were made and shared
But never discussed between us cause it didn’t seem to matter

Who knows though maybe it did
Because I’m left here feeling blank about our relationship
Where did it all go wrong, when did the bond disappear
It may be a bit awkward our next meet potentially later this year

I don’t hold any fear
I am just rather confused my dear
We were once so close
This is probably for the better I suppose

The fact remains the same
Every time I hear her name
I associate it with love and kindness
So I hope her life continues with nothing but success and happiness

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