Shaded Sky

I haven’t seen the sun in a number of days
Though I’ve felt the Son as I try to follow His ways
Shaded has my life become in this new grey
I continue to wonder when it will get better as I pray

The world collapsing all around me
I can’t stop the madness despite my plea
It is just out of my control sadly

I kick back and see the combinations
Trying to take away something positive in every situation
But the fact of the matter is we’re drowning in the negative
Since that’s what seems to get the most attention

I’ve been caged, put myself on house arrest
Because I can’t stand being engulfed by this mess
The truth is I’ve fled away from the norm
Because I hate dealing with the daily storms

I locked myself away by building a barricade
Held to my standards as I tried to obey
Distanced myself to try and avoid the pain
But little good did it do me, as I’ve felt slain

Trying to wash my hands of the sin
I realize it is impossible, I simply can’t win
I’m not perfect cause living in this world I’m only human
Hence my reasoning for looking to Heaven

I’ve got to let my mind fly until my heart dies
I can’t ask why, I just have to embrace my time
The darkness will spread if I don’t let His light shine
So I have to trust in Him and forfeit the plan I call mine

I’m forever grateful that I can be used by the one most high
It is the only way that my veins haven’t run dry
There is a reason that I have yet to enter the sky
Cause it is He that has kept me alive to aid in His timeline

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