We see it on the TV
We see it on the big screen
When will people end tragedy
I’m sure that’s something we simply won’t see

We have shootings and stabbings
Countless rapings and bombings
All across the world, it is quite haunting

Today is a new day with yet more violence
Unexpected occurrences happening to innocents
Just when you think peace becomes relevant
Someone comes along to end the pleasure of it

Unnecessary actions coming from the blackness
Reaching out from the depths of the abyss
Our world is mistaken on how to counter this
So sometime soon we’ll suffer another experience

Where there is evil, there is also good
We just have to get that across and understood
Rise up and take the proper action to decrease
This senseless nonsense that keeps happening

Pray for yourselves as well as the victims
Because though you might be good others are sufferin
Lend a helping hand so they can again stand
We’re all here for each other to allow strength to expand

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