Dear Woman,

Hello there my fair Ms.
I hope your day is well and filled with bliss
You might have a few troubles
However if you need me, I’ll be there on the double

I’d rather see you smile all the while
No need for a frown on that beautiful face
The way your eyes gleam when happy is proper style
Nothing I’d rather see you experience other than grace

Doesn’t matter your height or weight love
Whatever you see in the mirror is more than enough
What lies within your heart is where I’ll start
The pursuit of your dreams no matter what is smart

Don’t get hung up on what others may think
Respect yourself throughout every time you blink
Your choices can shape your emotions
Worry will only hold you back from proper promotion

Keep that desire that fuels your fire
Reach all your goals despite what others may inquire
Your life is yours at the end of the day
Keep your sights clear to avoid the shades of grey

Remain loyal to that of what you’re worth
No man should rob you of your mirth
The entirety of yourself is the ultimate gift
Just don’t give it away without a true commitment

You’re worth more than any diamond
You’re worth more than any prized possession
You’re not just another materialistic good
You’re not a person who should be misunderstood

Real love is out there if you remain patient
No need to rush into an uncomfortable situation
I’d rather not see you suffer, but rather dwell in kindness
So if you can, please avoid the temptations

You deserve to be loved and protected at all times
Treated fairly and inspired to reach the top of your climb
Don’t ever sell yourself short on what you can achieve
Anything can be reached my dear if you truly believe

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