I don’t want to throw it all away
Just because the way society is today
I can’t blame anyone else
Because I can control myself
I won’t let it die as long as I have my health

You see as long as I’m alive
I will continue to strive
To make respect and love be felt
Since I want to see women grow, not melt

Romance isn’t what it use to be
With many privileges coming with ease
Or rather redefined and not seen as unique
Due to the wants of those that are weak

I can plainly see guilt on both sides
As not many even try to hide
Their so open with their private matters
It makes one wonder if it can get any better

No matter what society isn’t me
I won’t conform to the new norm
As women remain in my eyes a true beauty

I can’t stand to see them undervalued and hurt
When the best of everything is all they deserve
Protection, guard, decency, comfort, and care
The list goes on, but these actions now all seem so rare

So I’ll move forward with my duty
To carry on a long lost legacy
Where I can hope to possibly
Eradicate the poor treatment of the ladies
By continuing to introduce some chivalry

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