When I looked into her eyes
I could see the sparkling ocean
Along with the depth of the skies
It was then I was filled with varying emotion

I could see all the possibilities
What it was she claimed to be her dreams
All the goals she accomplished
All the rest she had yet wished

The glorious wonders of her mind
The beauty which was indeed her design
The essence of all that was kind

Nothing mattered in that moment
I felt peace away from the torment
It was about what was within
Not anything physical such as the skin

I was lost in the grip of this trance
That I ignored the warmth in my hands
The blood that I had lost
Which undoubtedly will have my life as the cost

She gave me that additional grace
While our time flashed in front of my face
It was wonderful time spent
So sad that it is now coming to an end
One day though my love, we shall meet again

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