We try to find ourselves daily
Facing problems on the regular
It isn’t about what they make us see
But how we confront their dare

We can say things that hold definition
Yet not mean a single word in relation
No matter the height of the situation
There’s something that drives our elevation

We have growth and prosperity
All the while going through life struggling
This life is only temporary
So what is it that fuels your destiny

We’re all well aware we aren’t alone
You can always connect to someone
Computers, face to face, games, and phones
All this noise continuing on until our life is done

So many focus on only what is fun
Others drown in their work trying for success
The result of both is they end up on the run
Cause they find themselves empty in a mess

When our heart pumps it’s an extension on living
Giving a necessity to the rest of our figure
This Earth around you relies on you giving
Since you’re a specimen that provides a unique adventure

Just like many aspects make us a whole
We too contribute toward an overall goal
Life sustains from one to the next
So what is it for you that makes it less complex

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