Make the mention of a fine linen
All this talk has got my mind spinnin
I’m too focused on the moral fabric
The one our society has lost in panic

They’d rather be politically correct
Honing to the feelings of a human subject
Embedded in the flesh ignoring the spirit
Temporary belongings just aren’t worth it

You can build a castle on sand
But it will be swept away by the seas hand
A proper foundation is firm like a rock
As we have seen of Earth we can’t invest in it’s stock

Evil flourishes cause many just let it
Not much rise against the improper elements
Many satisfied with their sense of self
Ignoring the likeness of another’s Eternal health

Lack of belief or too ignorant to accept
Salvation is a promise that will always be kept
Positive actions are still defined as right
Therefore there’s work to be done with all this wrong in sight

What is it about you that people will remember
That you stood strong or fled away like a coward
Principles come from within so don’t get it clouded
What’s good comes from Heaven, which can never be too crowded

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