Everyday that I awake
Is another present that I take
Cause it’s a gift to get out of bed
Despite the problems in my head

I’m not one to say life is easy
Since that would just be cheesy
Not to mention flat out false
Too many tragedies to allow a waltz

Removing my covers I unwrap the gift
To face another day where my life could shift
It can be haunting and a big surprise
Encountering new truths or blatant lies

Never a cakewalk it’s always a battle
Even when you’re happy others can be rattled
We’re all in sync many of us linked
Yet we don’t allow ourselves time to think

What you face today can be a mystery
But with your past comes a history
Choices and consequences tend to build
Though they’re not meant to make you be unfulfilled

It can all be made fresh and new
However problems will still accrue
God is love and the author of our story
So in this day who are you giving the glory

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