If it makes me less of a man…

To not refer to women as the B word
To show them the utmost respect
To actually listen to their feelings not lying when I say, “I heard”
To have the innate desire to protect

To hold the door open
To give up my seat
To conduct myself like a classic gentleman
To always make sure on dates that I treat

To compliment them with good intent
To refuse to abuse their gifts
To accept their offer of only friendship
To comfort them in the times they’re miffed

To not cheat on a significant other
To save myself for my bride
To abide by the rules set by their mother
To ensure their safety so they don’t have to hide

To be known not to scheme
To always be available to speak
To aid them the best I can on the way to their dreams
To never let any of their secrets leak

To make them feel unique
To give them hope
To stay by their side when they’re not at their peak
To avoid the temptations by simply saying, “nope”

To never run away
To give them my attention
To appreciate them each and every day
To love them correctly without hesitation

Then I guess less is more…

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