Dead Music

Sir Pure (Feat. TheJBKid) – “Dead Music”

1st Verse:
If I had a dime for every time
I heard a good mainstream track
I’d still be poor, they all just lack
No creativity, no depth, no shine

I’m left wonderin why
Why am I listenin to this
Why does this get a publicist
Why does this deserve millions

It appears as if they’re no longer artists
Just filled the scene with puppets
I can’t remember the last instance
In which, there was a full message

That could apply to the masses
That didn’t involve somethin selfish

2nd Verse:
Now I don’t claim perfection
Nor do I strive for it
One thing is for certain
And that’s knowin what’s legitimate

It isn’t this current mainstream
Much like our country
It isn’t what those before us
Worked so hard to build up

Yet here it is left layin on the table
The pulse fadin, needin resuscitation
Needin a fix, but are we able
Or is the industry too far in the wind

Don’t run to the TV
Think about the content that you’re hearing

3rd Verse:
Stuck bound in these chains
They’re enslaving your brain
With ruthless intent to formulate
An army against something great

You see there is plenty of quality
It’s just not present publicly
The best music is struggling
Underground bein made passionately

It ignores this conformity we see
Constantly from the new industry
Instead of focusin purely on money
It’s about emotion and real feeling

Educate yourself on the art
Mainstream music is nowhere to start

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