Father’s Day

(Listen to the tribute here) “Father’s Day”

Let me tell you a story about a boy
One who was focused on work instead of toys
When he was young he lost his mother
Finding himself leading his younger sister and brother

As he made it through school he met a young lady
They got married and were soon to have their first baby
Then it happened he was drafted into the military
Vietnam a controversial war, but he served honorably

His job was centered within the artillery
Where he thought everyday about his family
Focused on the task at hand he did his duty
Made it through his tour without major injury

When he was done he got to meet his first born
Holding his wife and daughter in his arms, no longer torn
He could move on from this hurdle to go forward
A few years later another daughter to look toward

His family was growing before his eyes
Holding them close as he continued to provide
Success came and his career was on the rise
Both children growing and continued love for his wife

Several years passed and the talks began
He wanted a son, so he discussed it with his wife and she was a fan
After much dialogue it was decided to go the route of adoption
He was excited as the process lead him to a new nation

Brazil was where the journey took he and his wife
Where they were about to acquire another child, another life
His family was complete as his children were three
Him and his wife continued their marriage, continued to lead

He was always there to support his family through thick and thin
Never did he second guess his Fatherly position
He lead not only by speech, but by action
His faith is great and heart is filled with compassion

This boy, this man, this wonderful example and support system
Has continued his sacrifice for the betterment of more than just his kin
I’m proud to have been able to witness even a portion of the life of this man
You see I’m a product of his story, I love you Dad

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