(Listen here) “Revolution”

We need a Revolution…

I said it once, I’ll say it again
One day, someday, yesterday, today, everyday
Can we possibly change, I’ve seen no gain
Just loss and at what cost, a soul’s decay

Filtration no longer a constant
Anything goes in the new environment
Censorship a fragment of what it use to be
Freedom a shell of its former integrity

Can’t harm the mind in the mystery
Clock tickin to the grave as the cogs are spinnin
Deliverin a false sense of security
A nation once great under God, now Satan’s grinnin

Despite beliefs being different in the melting pot
We identify race wrong, cause we’re all human
Gone is the day of slaves in the media
When the record states it’s more prominent than ever

We need a Revolution…

I grab a hold of this microphone no longer safe
Since the aspects of this world are growing great
I’m different, too unique now to stand out
Considered an outcast when my views were what this nation use to be about

Everybody thinks they are the new gate
When they don’t even know what’s good for them
Standing in the shadows letting one group dictate
All policies and lifestyles shows a lack of faith

No confidence in themselves, afraid to come forward
Unhappy with the direction, but alienate their intuitions
No longer solidified in a truth, but moreso a worry
Stress flexin its muscles in a flurry, creatin more cowardice

You have those who want to flaunt their indiscretions
But at the mention of morality comes much contemplation
No longer free in society to try and remedy a situation
Cause it’s locked down and regulated by debt inflation

We need a Revolution…

As we sit back and look at our lives
We’re blaming the wrong people
It starts within ourselves being able to survive
Reliance is a good trait if you trust the right entity

Answers don’t lie within scientology or mythology
And your identity doesn’t rest in your sexuality
Yet many want to invest in a mess of ambiguity
Denying themselves the right of spirituality

So enclosed in their own space and mind state
They lose the possibility of deliberation
Cause their caught in this new sense of nation
That would rather not spread love, but instead hate

Many others can see the flaws without the everyday experience
Yet here we are lettin it cloud our everyday occurrences
As we breathe our next breath, we must think carefully
Is this what we want around us or should we enact positivity

We need a revolution…

Now I don’t have all the answers, but I have some
And those that I have will lead you to the Son
Where you’ll acquire proper change and the ability of reflection
That is unlike any other because it comes from the Father of creation

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