(Listen Here) “Shaded”

Can you imagine if proselytizing was as popular as prostitution?
We may then again live up to our billing as a United nation
You see cause we’ve been separated after years of ending segregation
And I can’t see the unity that we claim with our freedom

Everywhere you look it has become taboo to talk Christian
The title no longer holds much weight because of scrutiny
Almost anyone can label themselves with that identification
However they don’t truly embrace the aspects of the teaching

So in come the fallacies and discrepancies that we see on this day
Hypocrisy and sexuality are killin the spread of spirituality
Relationships on a constant downfall, no longer rooted in the overall
Just a focus on perfection and pleasure, which is just not ok

Overlookin the many variables that a life brings
It doesn’t take much for someone to ignore these things
Distracted in pursuit of something temporary
They fall in line and get caught in the web of pornography

Hence the reasoning for all these websites introducing mental slavery
An addiction more prominent than any drug
Since sex is pretty much more common than a typical hug
The rug needs to be pulled out and analyzed quickly

Prostitution has the label of illegal
But its more openly widespread than someone sharing the Bible
This land, this entire world needs a revival
You can’t give up the chance for improvement cause its always possible

No matter what hand you think you’re dealt
There are bigger problems out there causing humanity to melt
The perception of life is being devalued on the regular
When each one is a miracle and a gift from afar

Everyone seems to be starving for intimacy
Yet the majority lacks the tools to experience it truly
Exercising an activity that is doing more harm than good
It’s quite sad that the promise given is so misunderstood

If only they would open their eyes to the lies
And clearly see that they’re submersing into immorality
Their fiending for demeaning behavior could die
As the answer for love could then arise purely within their minds

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