(Listen Here) “Gleam”

What’s goin’ on today, I hope you’re well
I’m livin’ life as usual with a story to tell
I’ve only had one girl fix me a homemade meal outside of my family
Her first name begins with an L and the last a V

She knows who she is as improvement is her destiny
Continuing to move forward helping those with disabilities
It’s no wonder she has a light that shines positivity
Each time I reflect back in my mind to our memories

And in this day it isn’t about publicity
Yet another young lady captures my interest
Cause she’s got the unique overall qualities
Not just beauty and personality, but what appears to be sound morality

Even though we’ve never met face to face, she’s a bit exciting
She goes by the name Melonie M-A-C
Kind of crazy as the avenue of gaming is a well known hobby
In which much time is spent and quality people have then met

Lookin back to the past I see opportunity
No longer anticipating a relationship I have serenity
My focus in other areas helps develop clarity
And all the disparities are getting remedied

Each tick of the clock I notice a new era
As my faith grows stronger and my mind grows clearer
It’s a good time to be alive despite those who antagonize
Because I’ve overcome lies and plan to always shine bright

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