Last Stand

(Listen to/Read the full track here) “Last Stand” (Feat. Chris Ray)

1st Verse:
You and I go together like bread and butter
In this entire universe there is no other
You’re the only one that I want as mine
It is you that I see each time I close my eyes

Always on my mind our memories shine
The light that tells me our love is divine
You’ve always embraced me tightly
And I want you to know you’re in my dreams nightly

I couldn’t have imagined a better life
Where each day I get the gift of you as my wife
I once thought it was impossible to feel this well
Until you arrived with a new story to tell

I’ve improved so much during our time
I’m committed to you baby for my entire life
We may have our differences here and there
But just know that you’re always my breath of fresh air

I honestly don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for you
When people say love is dying, they have no clue
You helped revive my passion inside
I’m glad to have your hand held in mine in this walk with each stride

2nd Verse:
All these relationships falling to the wayside
It’s nothing you have to worry about baby
My love for you is something that I’ll never hide
As you’re my only desire, my one and only lady

Despite having the fights I won’t ever give up
None of that stuff comes close enough to disrupt
The life we share, as in the end you’re my main care
Materials and decisions come and go, but I always want you there

Sharing life with you is my highest interest
I knew the first time I laid eyes on you that you were it
The one that would get me to be my best
Like a perfect puzzle all our pieces just seem to fit

This journey has been tight knit and it won’t change
No matter what it is that we face I’ll love you the same
I was raised to have integrity and live responsibly
And with our relationship your trust is also priority

So please know that however hard life gets
I’ll be there by your side to get through all of it
I wasn’t lying when I said my vows sweetheart
My appreciation for you will never ever depart

3rd Verse:
Some days I may forget to say I love you
It’s not that I take you for granted my love
I’m just left in amazement that I am your beau
And just know that it is implied each time we hug

I don’t ever want you to be afraid
Through sickness and health I’ll keep you safe
You’re the goal I never thought I’d achieve
I am blessed to have you, this I believe

As we continue to go forward facing new chapters
More and more of your heart is what I want to capture
I look forward to getting to know you as we grow older
Nothing can keep me from the quest of getting closer

No distraction can make me stray away from you this day
As our eyes meet each morning I know it’ll all be ok
You’re my sunshine in the dark times
And I can only hope that I fulfill what you want in life

As we look ahead to the future I’m excited
Because I know with you I’ll always be delighted
I meant what I said when I was down on my knee
It’s you I want as my partner from now through eternity

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