Star Spangled

(Listen to it here) “Star Spangled”

Once and for all I’d like to see the downfall
Of this hypnotic erotic societal crawl
One nation under God, in which we stand
But currently we’re stuck lying down on our faces flat

Everyone struggling to face the facts
Hard to make changes when no one reacts
The lack of motivation is rather staggering
Bust out the Richter cause these vibes are everlasting

None of these devious devices are getting past me
I’m educated to the style of their blasphemy
Creativity has become a blessing and a curse
The plethora of it is often taken for better or worse

It’s a wonder what will come of this web
As it blows in the wind seeking a destination
All the lies entangled amongst the star spangled
Tremors rising the tide from all different angles

A flood won’t happen again, but emotions beg to differ
As pain increases making us all a little stiffer
Afraid to move and afraid to act
Hard to laugh when we actually face the facts

Down, down we go as opportunities pass
Will we grab a hold of hope or sink below the grass
The stash of answers isn’t hidden away
Can we please come to that realization today

You can’t label illness upon every problem
Not everything can be classified as a condition
So while you’re sittin their wishin for tolerance
Remember that there’ll be a time of judgment

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