Not real?

So you say God’s not real
Huh, tell me then how you feel
Not your opinion but the sense
Somethin’ rather simplistic compared to planetary orbit

The fact is you can’t explain it all
Your precious science has all kinds of downfalls
It can explain certain things to develop an understanding
But we weren’t made with the intent to be all-knowing

You want to disregard the fact of being made
Yet you yourself wouldn’t be here, so cut the charade
You’ll admit to creativity, but creation doesn’t exist
If that’s so then how are we even discussing this?

In order for something to be created, there’s a creator
In order for something to originate, there’s a purpose
None of this happened by accident
Just look into the plethora of phenomena surroundin’ ya

Yet people continue to go off belligerent
Not even acting the least bit hesitant
To make their case denying the facet of all this content
How is it you can feel this way after waking up each day?

God’s not real, huh?
Then how is it that I’m talking to ya
How is it there’s a universe so vast
That all your denials simply can’t surpass

Each and everyday I encounter the lack of faith
Millions of people disregarding the truth it’s sad
They have their own mission to justify their actions
Yet we all know it’s an excuse to avoid true compassion

They’d rather not feel connected or utilized as unique
Because then they’d have to admit they haven’t reached their peak
All these excuses, how can they do it so frequently?
Proof is all around us especially in our own body

Many are afraid of death, when it is unavoidable
Each day we age and get closer to the soil
They’d rather fantasize about possible immortality
When right in front of them is a gift of eternity

A lot of their misconceptions seem just fine
They just can’t see the gap that lies within their minds
The doubters call themselves faithless in description
When everyday they exercise faith like expressions

The answers have always been right in front of them
Just for some reason their blinded to the promises
They cast hate out into the world with their ignorance
Rather than act cordial like they expect of us Christians

God’s not real, huh?
Then how is it that I’m talking to ya
How is it the idea of invention is widely accepted
But not applied to the thoughts of where this all came from

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
My stance remains the same and it’s not Religion
Experience life and you’ll know it was gifted
By the one who created it all, God the Father who is in Heaven

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